DIY: Footed Baby Sleepers into Creepers/Rompers, Style 2!

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Today’s tutorial: take a baby wardrobe staple – the one-piece sleeper / baby pajama, and turn it into a footless creeper/romper using the sleeves from an old t-shirt (or some other stretchy jersey fabric).

This tutorial is for sleepers with one leg that opens (either with buttons or with a zipper).  If you are looking for the tutorial for sleepers with both legs that open, click here.

Click here to download this tutorial as a pdf file.

To begin: this project requires sewing skills and a machine (or just needle and thread, if you’re into that kind of thing)

Please note that while this tutorial is almost identical to the previous tute, the hem  is stitched together differently.  Also, because of the way that the zipper on these sleepers is sometimes installed, you cannot cut the feet off of these sleepers and leave them unfinished.

Before                                                             After

Gather up:

  • a sleeper with one leg that opens
  • a old t-shirt (the color does not need to match, but white is a good standby)

Step 1: Take your sleeper and lay it flat on its side.  This way, you can see where you need to cut.  In this case, I will want to cut right above the giraffe’s head.  Do not lay both feet on top of each other and attempt to cut them both at the same time.  Just take the extra minute to do it right.  Once you overcut something, it can’t be undone!

Step 2:  If you will be cutting through a zipper, hand-stitch the zipper closed right above your cutting line a few times (do this by wrapping the thread around the outer edge of the teeth).  This will keep your zipper from popping open as you sew.

Take your scissors and cut the foot off of the sleeper.

Step 3: If you want, save the footed part.  It might be the making of a little slipper (I’ll post a tute, if I ever get to trying it out).  Make sure that the sleeve on your old t-shirt is big enough to become the new hem of your sleeper.  First off, match the grain lines on the t-shirt sleeve so that they all run straight.  Then, lay the footed portion of your sleeper onto the sleeve, one side of the foot up against the fold of the sleeve.  If it fits, then you’ll be fine.  If not, you might want to consider using the body of the shirt.

Cut two strips of fabric on the fold twice the width of what you want the final hem to be (I recommend 2 – 2.5″) and the length of your foot, plus .5″.  Mark the edge of the center of the strips with a little fabric marking pen (or a regular pen, whatever.  You won’t be able to see it when you’re done).  This way, you’ll know where your mid-point is when you’re sewing the hem onto your footie.

Here, the foot on this sleeper measures 4″, so I cut a strip that was 4.5″ inches long, 2.25″ wide.

Step 4: Take one of your strips and fold it in half width-wise with the right side (the side that looks nice) on the inside.

Step 5: Stitch the short ends together on both ends of the strip using a 3/8″ stitch or more.  It’s better for the hem to be a little short than to be long – you can stretch the hem, but you don’t really want to stretch the sleeper.  Clip both corners.

Step 6: Turn your strip right-side out.  Fold in half length-wise with the wrong sides together.  Match the seams.  Mark the outer center on the opposite side to your seam (if you look really closely, you can see the little purple dots on the center, between the two extended fingers).  This is your new hem!

Step 7: Take your new hem and pin it (or not…I don’t generally pin anything) to your sleeper.  Do this by inserting the foot of the sleeper into the new hem.   Keep the hem’s fold (this will be bottom later) up towards the neckline and the raw edges together.  A nice thing to do is put the seam of your hem on the outer side of your sleeper.  You can also place it on the inseam, whatever you prefer.  Be sure to match both sides.  And don’t forget to match the center of your hem to the side seam of your sleeper.  Don’t worry if they don’t match up perfectly.  Just get the center to the side seam.

Step 8: Sew the hem and footie together, stretching the hem as needed to fit the sleeper.  You can use a plain ole straight-stitch for this using  a regular needle (no need to get a jersey / ballpoint needle for this, since you don’t really need the hem to stretch).  Or use a zig-zag stitch.  In my case, I did a straight stitch and then serged it.  Oh!  If you’re sewing over the zipper, backstitch a few times over the zipper to be sure it’s anchored.

Step 9: Flip your hem down and you’re done!  You now have a footless creeper for your baby!

Hope you enjoyed this tute (it’s only my second one ever!).  Please feel free to leave a comment or to share pics of your sleeper recon!  I would love to hear from you.


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DIY: Footed Baby Sleepers into Footless Creepers/Rompers! Strawberry Mango Limonata, my way!

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