Summer fun, now it’s begun!

May 14, 2012 at 10:28 pm Leave a comment

Although it may be is a little premature to be celebrating summer here in the Inland Northwest, DD and I have been out every day soaking up the sun.  It got warm a bit too quickly for our tastes (high in the 40s one day, 80s the next?), but maybe the temperature spikes will level out in the next week or so…it looks like a cold front is due to blow in later this week, giving us those 60/70s that I love so much.

Today, we did one of our favorite activities from last summer; this year, it’s more fun because DD is 2 and, as a result, understands more of what we’re doing and can really be creative.  It’s so cheap and easy and fun on a hot day; you should try it, too.  You only need three things to do it, and you probably have them all already.  And I bet your older kids will enjoy it.  What is this activity you ask?


Calm down, calm down!  With WATER.  Not paint.  You can also do this on the sidewalk or your driveway.  The best part?  There’s no need to worry that your child will destroy anything, because it’s just water and it’ll all evaporate.  For this reason, I recommend having a camera on hand to take shots of any of your darling’s masterpieces that you’d like to have forever.  Or not and just enjoy the fleetingness of the moment.  That’s DD filling in the heart I painted for her.  🙂

A little caveat if you do this on your deck: we have Trex, so it doesn’t hurt to have water on it.  It also isn’t slippery.  I had a friend who tried this last summer and I think having her toddling baby on a slippery deck might have stressed her out just a little bit.  If you plan on doing this on your deck, you should test it out first before getting your kidlet all excited about your new activity.

So all you need are:

  1. A big bowl (or bowls…kids this age just love to pour water back and forth); I just used some stainless steel mixing bowls, but you could also use plastic tupperware or buckets or whatever.  You just need something to hold the water.
  2. A paintbrush of some kind…Ikea sells some inexpensive brushes.  Michael’s and Hobby Lobby run big sales on sponge brushes (I’ve gotten 20 brushes for a $1).  How about finger-painting?  And if your kid REALLY wants a brush, you could probably just use a toothbrush, too.
  3. And water.

That’s it.  Take your bowls of water wherever and sit back and relax while your child paints to his/her heart’s content.  Yes, your child will get very wet playing with the water, but when it’s hot outside, who cares?  Heck, maybe you’ll get lucky and there’ll be a water fight.


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