Beautiful Bouquets!

March 4, 2013 at 9:53 pm 2 comments

DD is a little obsessed with anything princess and ballerina.  She already declared that the theme for her birthday party this year would be “Disney Princess Ballerinas.”  With princesses and ballerinas, you MUST have flowers.  Flowers to throw at the ballerina when she finishes her grand performance.  Flowers for princess tea parties.  Flowers for when you’re re-enacting princess wedding scenes…

Until recently, she was mostly interested in single flowers.  Just perfect for tossing after a dance.  I had kinda hoped that she wouldn’t figure out that flowers could be arranged into bouquets for a little while (taping stems together is not exactly my idea of a good time).  Unfortunately, little eagle-eyed DD found a Disney craft book that was sitting on a very high shelf in her room last week.   She insisted that it be brought down.  After a quick perusal, she found this:

Great.  Just what mommy and daddy want…our not-yet-3-year-old wearing a veil (also a craft in the book) and carrying a bouquet.  Lol.  Well, she asked and asked and asked to make it pretty much all week.  Kept bringing the book out and showing us, just to make her point clear.  Lol.  So last Thursday, we made a trip to the Dollar Tree for some floral sprays (all pink, please!) and I promised that we would make the bouquet over the weekend.  Saturday, we got to work.  Thinking ahead, I decided to cut all the sprays into individual stems – I wanted to put these into a bin later and (ta-da!) use them to throw them at prima ballerinas.  Of course, after waiting 5 minutes for me to cut all the flowers apart, DD decided that maybe she didn’t really want a bouquet.  You know how toddlers can be…sometimes, they just don’t want something because they can’t visualize how it comes together…and even if you just hold it all together to show them, it’s not quite the same.  I didn’t want to tape all the stems together if she wasn’t serious, so I thought fast…

…all of a sudden, I remembered a handle that I had saved from months before.  At the time, DH was pretty adamant that I throw it out since it “didn’t work” anymore, but I insisted on keeping it JUST IN CASE we needed it again.  And after all, it only cost me $.25 on clearance at Michael’s and DD had so much fun with it.  And it was pink.  When would I ever find such a great deal again?  You get the idea, lol.  Anyways, I scrounged it up out of the depths of DD’s toy box, and stuck a few stems in it.  And then a few more.  IT WORKED.  And I wouldn’t have to waste tape and get the stems all stickied up!  Of course, that got DD excited about the bouquet again, and she added the rest of the stems herself (kept her busy for about 15 minutes).  We tied some lace around the bottom and she’s been in love with it since.  Even took it to bed with her the other night.  What a princess!

So what WAS this handle?  Well, you know those glow sticks?  The ones that kids wear during Halloween?  At late-night summer parties?  At fairs, circuses and concerts?  Well, they have necklaces, bracelets, shaped wands and…


SPRAYS.  Glow sticks that insert into a base with holes in it.  Holes that each conveniently hold 3-4 stems of flowers!  3 stems gets you a fairly firm bouquet that will come apart with intentional shaking.  4 stems gets you a bouquet that has to be treated roughly to come apart.  Yay!!!  DD had no problems fitting in the 3 stems on her own.  I had to help push the fourth stem in.  Right now, you can get these at the Dollar Tree (where everything’s $1).  Only they’re not in pretty pastel colors…just red and blue.  Don’t bother looking at Michael’s…they don’t have ’em.  😉 I love that you don’t have to waste tape on a bouquet, that DD can easily create a new bouquet whenever she wants, and that she has a comfortable handle to hold instead of pokey stems.

(As an aside, I participated in a Facebook contest for Green Toys a couple weeks back and won a Build-a-Bouquet for DD…as soon as it comes in, you can bet that I’ll be checking to see if those stems fit in this handle, too…because that would just be awesome.  I’ll keep you posted.  Especially since I plan to post a review of the toy.)

And of course, while we were at the Dollar Tree, we went ahead and picked up more floral stems.  Because I really like the idea of having a bin of flowers for DD to use when she wants to put something together.  Of course, these handles will go in the bin, too.  So glad I didn’t throw that handle out.  😀


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  • 1. Cul de Sac  |  March 5, 2013 at 9:17 am

    Bwahaha! Not surprised you didn’t threw it out, you know, just in case… 😉 and not surprised S insisted, she IS a strong minded girl 🙂 what a nice way to repurposed that handle, and cuter too! Xxx

  • 2. Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet: A Review | Minerva's Hand  |  March 20, 2013 at 2:34 am

    […] The stems do not fit into those glow wand handles I mentioned in this post. […]


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