My Inspiration:

I have always been a artist and a dreamer; as a child, I studied music and came up with my own craft projects. In elementary and middle school, I made and sold hairclips, brooches and homecoming pins. Throughout my college years and beyond, I continued to add to my crafting repertoire, learning origami, scrapbooking, knitting, and fine-tuning my sewing and cross-stitching skills. I thought I was pretty creative.

When I became a mom in April 2010, though, my life of creativity really blossomed. Each year that passes brings new needs, wants and ideas. With the ever-changing needs of motherhood in mind, my products are designed to be easy-care and long-lasting – not just in craftsmanship, but also in usefulness. Because as I see it, life is crazy enough; keep it civilized.

Behind the Name:

Although my name is not Minerva, I go by the name “Minerva’s Hand.”  Why? In elementary school, my nerd friends and I would play “Greek Gods & Goddesses” during recess; I was always Athena.  Several years later in college, a colleague in choir called me Minerva on several occasions.  When I asked him why he kept forgetting my name, he said that I didn’t look like a “Kim” to him, but a “Minerva.”  And wouldn’t you know, Minerva is the Latin name for the goddess Athena!  Even better, Athena was the goddess of arts and crafts!

The nickname Minerva has stuck with me all these years.  I get a feeling of contentment and freedom when making these creations…much like what I felt as a child playing in the countryside.  And because “Minerva’s Handmade” just doesn’t flow, I shortened it to “Minerva’s Hand.”  And isn’t the idea of being Minerva’s hand fun?


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