Happy New Ye…umm…Happy Year!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted!  I guess I really need to start working on those New Years resolutions, lol.  Just wanted to touch base…let you know I’m still kicking.  😉

Over the next few weeks, I’ve got several posts lined up…next weekend, you’ll see a tutorial for a mermaid tail for the Tolly Tot Princess Toddler dolls.  I mean really, isn’t it a little odd that Ariel doesn’t have a mermaid tail?  At the very least, couldn’t she have a fake one?  Well, with this tutorial, ALL the princess dolls can fulfill their dream of being mermaids.  As an aside, since Christmas, DD has managed to get her mitts on not one, not two, not three, BUT FOUR of those toddler dolls.  I’d say that they’re keepers.  And the dolls are going to need a substantially larger wardrobe.

Then on March 13th, I’ll be participating in a series called “Collectively Creative,” hosted by Cobwebs, Cupcakes and Crayons. To get a feel for the series, you should check out this posting by a dear friend of mine, who participated in the last series.  It’s absolutely huggable.  For my “Collectively Creative” March project (the theme is LUCKY), we’ll do a special St. Patrick’s Day craft that helps you count down to Easter – a great way to tie-together and celebrate both holidays.

In between those posts, I have some recipes that I just have to share with you – I’ve been meaning to for months, so the lull in between those major posts would be a good time, right?

So stay close by – you’re gonna be seeing a lot more action on this page this year!  See you back next week!


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Planning for Christmas Already!

I know, I know…it’s early to be talking Christmas.  But I really have to start early!  This post is for you moms out there whose daughters have requested a doll for Christmas.  Specifically one of those Tolly Tots My First Disney Princess Dolls.  You know…like Merida with her bow and arrow.

Bet you can’t guess what DD asked for.  😛  Not only did she ask for the doll, but she also asked for me to make outfits for her doll.  For Christmas.  Problem is that most of the patterns out there are for 18″ dolls or for the 15″ baby dolls.  There’s nothing for 15″ toddler dolls.

So I did some math and some tinkering and worked up several outfits for these dolls.  In the coming year, my Etsy shop “A Petite Princess” will go live with ready-made outfits (reasonably priced and complete with hangers!) and $1 patterns.  The shop will be dedicated to the Tolly Tot toddler dolls AND the Tolly Tot princess baby dolls.  The goal is to have a soft-opening in March so that you can start building a modest wardrobe around Easter, when you know for sure that the dolls are going to be fairly permanent playmates.  😉

Keep following this blog, though, since I will be posting FREE TUTORIALS as well – the first post, scheduled for the end of February will be for a set of “mermaid” tails for the toddler dolls…because why doesn’t Ariel have a mermaid tail???

Progress?  In the past week, I’ve made a cotton dress, a flannel sleeping gown, and a pair of jersey capris.  At this rate, it’ll take me up until Christmas day to make a decent wardrobe for Merida and Mulan!  Lol.  *sigh*  The things we do for love.

And don’t forget to bookmark the Etsy shop’s profile for the official opening in March: http://www.etsy.com/shop/APetitePrincess!

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Summer fun, now it’s begun!

Although it may be is a little premature to be celebrating summer here in the Inland Northwest, DD and I have been out every day soaking up the sun.  It got warm a bit too quickly for our tastes (high in the 40s one day, 80s the next?), but maybe the temperature spikes will level out in the next week or so…it looks like a cold front is due to blow in later this week, giving us those 60/70s that I love so much.

Today, we did one of our favorite activities from last summer; this year, it’s more fun because DD is 2 and, as a result, understands more of what we’re doing and can really be creative.  It’s so cheap and easy and fun on a hot day; you should try it, too.  You only need three things to do it, and you probably have them all already.  And I bet your older kids will enjoy it.  What is this activity you ask?


Calm down, calm down!  With WATER.  Not paint.  You can also do this on the sidewalk or your driveway.  The best part?  There’s no need to worry that your child will destroy anything, because it’s just water and it’ll all evaporate.  For this reason, I recommend having a camera on hand to take shots of any of your darling’s masterpieces that you’d like to have forever.  Or not and just enjoy the fleetingness of the moment.  That’s DD filling in the heart I painted for her.  🙂

A little caveat if you do this on your deck: we have Trex, so it doesn’t hurt to have water on it.  It also isn’t slippery.  I had a friend who tried this last summer and I think having her toddling baby on a slippery deck might have stressed her out just a little bit.  If you plan on doing this on your deck, you should test it out first before getting your kidlet all excited about your new activity.

So all you need are:

  1. A big bowl (or bowls…kids this age just love to pour water back and forth); I just used some stainless steel mixing bowls, but you could also use plastic tupperware or buckets or whatever.  You just need something to hold the water.
  2. A paintbrush of some kind…Ikea sells some inexpensive brushes.  Michael’s and Hobby Lobby run big sales on sponge brushes (I’ve gotten 20 brushes for a $1).  How about finger-painting?  And if your kid REALLY wants a brush, you could probably just use a toothbrush, too.
  3. And water.

That’s it.  Take your bowls of water wherever and sit back and relax while your child paints to his/her heart’s content.  Yes, your child will get very wet playing with the water, but when it’s hot outside, who cares?  Heck, maybe you’ll get lucky and there’ll be a water fight.

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A Six-Word Memoir

Just a little blurb today:

Overabundant enthusiasm might’ve jumped the shark.

Ah, a gentle reminder of the Aristotelian practice of “everything in moderation.”  I guess I’m always working towards the “Golden Mean.”

…but then, even the mean constantly changes.

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A Six-Word Memoir

Joyful expeditions – baby on a bike.

So Wednesday, I picked up an iBert safe-T-bike seat for DD on Craigslist.  I couldn’t believe my luck!  I’d been toying with the idea of getting one for months, but no stores in town carry it.  When I called and asked for it, I even got read the riot-act by some of the stores who insisted that I get a bike trailer instead of a seat.  It came down to buying it on Amazon.com or waiting.  DH wanted to wait and get a Strider Balance Bike for next summer, but I believed that there was a need for both.

Well boy, am I glad I got this seat!  That same afternoon, I got DD a bike helmet (that cost almost as much as the discounted bike seat!), had the seat installed in five minutes, and we were off through the neighborhood.  When we got back from our test ride, DD insisted that we go out again.  And again.  And again.  We were out for over an hour!!!  And the whole time, she was giggling and babbling away.  When I finally called it a day, DD had the words for “helmet” and “biking” down-pat.  We went out Thursday; Friday, I had gotten smart and decided the best time to ride was right after breakfast, while the weather was still cool.  Today, we rode to the Farmer’s Market (not something I’ll repeat often, since we had to cross a four-lane avenue that connected two state highways AND one of those highways…a scary experience).  Each time we’ve gone biking, we’ve been out for over an hour.  The whole ride, DD talks.  Today’s conversation revolved around birds, the sky, biking, horses, goats, biking, water, market, helmets, biking, honey, doggy, and biking.  I think I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth already!  If only I’d gotten this seat sooner, the extra baby-weight (and maybe more) I’ve been carrying around might be gone, too!

Well, personal benefits aside, this seat has been great.  DD sits right between my arms, yet I can see over her head.  Her seat fits perfectly on my bike, and doesn’t impede my pedaling.  I don’t have balance issues, since she sits up front and not on the back, which keeps the “center” forward.  I can talk to her, point out things of interest to her, and keep an eye on her.  It feels safe; it’s definitely much safer than the old-fashioned back-mounted baby seats.  And I think it’s more fun for DD and me than a bike trailer.

Besides, I’ve heard of kids getting mud flung into their faces riding in bike trailers, and that doesn’t sound fun to me.

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